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Cardio: your doing it wrong. You probably shouldn’t be doing it at all.

Not a bad article on the fact that most of the time, cardio is a waste of time – at least, the cardio most people do. In my not-so-humble opinion, if you can talk while you’re exercising (whatever the exercise) you … Continue reading

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The obsession with calorie counting

Why the obsession with calorie counting? At what stage will the general “weight-aware” public shift from this tired, unscientific dogma to the far superior low/slow carb method? Is it mainly because its easier to count calories? All you have to … Continue reading

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TV review – The Biggest Loser update

One more comment on that show – and this applies to all versions, whichever the country: I can’t stand all the psycho-analysis counseling bullshit the trainers do on the contestants, to try and find deep rooted causes for the participants’ … Continue reading

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Post about the fact that lots of fatties die of their fatness

So apparently death by obesity is now more common than death by starvation. The only good thing about this article is that it reminds us that at least fatties aren’t around on earth as long as the rest of us. … Continue reading

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Man, 200kg, forklifted from home

Delightful. Anyone care to sum up the approximate cost of this fucking waste of space of a human being medical emergency? More than 15 paramedics and firefighters were involved in the delicate removal of the 200-kilogram (31 stone) man from … Continue reading

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TV review – The Biggest Loser UK

I’m sorry to have to say this, but The Biggest Loser UK is incredibly inferior to the US version. At least, the season  current season showing on ITV2 is. For a start, the trainers seem steeped in the conventional “calories … Continue reading

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Good news (sort of): some chocolate is low carb

Love chocolate? Of course you do. I eat stacks of it on my cheat days – but I never pretend that the beautiful creamy milk chocolate I’m munching away on is good for me. In any quantity. However there is … Continue reading

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