Fat people are expensive

Not just to themselves (clothes, food, doctors and medical bills) but more importantly, to society.

A collation of studies published in The Lancet have drawn attention to the worldwide trend of increasing obesity and claim that in Britain alone, the health service could be forced into spending an extra £2 billion a year solely on weight-related complications.

Whoopdesh*t. Not that we didn’t already know it of course. The question is, should the rest of society really have to pay for the fatsos chowing down at the local KFC?

Already in the UK, around 15 million people class as medically obese. Estimates at this rate, would suggest an 11 million increase over the next two decades.

Doublewhoopdesh*t. That’s about one quarter of the UK’s population classed as walking whales, increasing to well over a third of the population in 20 years time. Which is precisely why I’m writing this blog – to attempt to stem the flow.

“In the UK, we need our government to take the lead and make it easier to be healthier, such as by ensuring children are fully protected from junk food marketing on and off line.”

Health minister Anne Milton said: “We have no current plans to impose a ‘fat tax’, but we are working with food companies to reduce fat, sugar and salt and ensure healthier options are available.

“We also want to see businesses use more consistent and informative front-of-pack nutrition labelling than has been achieved in the past. The new EU Food Information Regulation, which will be agreed before the end of the year, will strengthen legislation on food labelling, in particular nutrition labelling.”

Overall, I’m not a fan of governments doing the jobs that individuals can and should be doing for themselves,  and their own families. History makes it clear that governments make awful nannies, and increased governmental control over what companies can and can’t advertise is, in my opinion, walking the path towards fascism. (In saying that, I’m a big fan of nutrition labelling).

I can tell you what would work, and what would be far less intrusive/fascistic: putting the odd advert on telly defining just how stupid you have to be to let yourself or your kids get fat. Show comparison pictures of fat vs fit people, with the message: “you  have control over your fat/fit destiny!”.

Fat chance (heh) of that happening though.

This also shows why governments shouldn’t be trusted as the experts we should be putting our faith into: why the hell is Anne Milton referring to a “fat tax”?! At what stage is real science (real science being: the use of the scientific method as opposed to: whatever the hallowed gurus in white lab coats say via the popular media) going to sink through the thick (heh) skulls of the powers-that-be in terms of what is the cause of obesity: fat is not the main evil! Not even saturated fat!

This will crop up in subsequent posts so I’m not going to dwell on this right now, but suffice to say, decades of research and test cases (real science),  along with personal experience (both on myself and those of my friends and family) have shown that it is refined carbohydrates (think bread, potatoes, sugar etc) that is the problem, not fat.

As I like to point out: the worst part of a french fry is not the fat its fried in – its the fricken potato!

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