First post

Why do people let themselves get fat? I don’t get it. Is it stupidity? Ignorance? Laziness? (But I’m lazy and I’m not fat). I don’t just don’t fkn get it. Every time I see a lump of wobbling lard sucking back on a double chocolate and cream frappé on a Friday evening my brain hurts trying to compute what sort of thought processes go through that bulbous deformed head in those moments.

This blog is going to be blunt. So long as people are told drivelling lies such as “everyone is beautiful in their own way” and “beauty comes from within”, fatties have no motivation to improve themselves (and thereby the world in general).

I love beauty. I would like the world to be a more beautiful place. Individuals have varying views as to what beauty is. But in terms of people, there is (and don’t kid yourself otherwise) an overwhelming consensus as to what body build is attractive and what isn’t.

And the awesome thing is, each individual has the ability to change this aspect of their attractiveness. So why the F don’t they?!

This blog is going to focus primarily on why being fat makes little sense, and as a result, why fat people must be – generally speaking – stupid (in comparison to in shape individuals).

There is screeds of information on this subject, which overwhelmingly supports my view. I will be breaking this info down into understandable infobites for you, the inquisitive reader.

No doubt I will also be sharing various tips and tricks as to how improve oneself visually. But there is so much information on this out there already so this really shouldn’t be necessary. In this regard I will restrict myself to weeding out the crap and pointing out the good stuff.

Harsh truths. Thats what this blog is about.

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