Women tennis players aren’t usually fat

Just a thought: can someone tell me why women’s tennis is only ever 3 sets? There doesn’t seem to be any good reason. Afterall, women run marathons, so endurance isn’t an issue. Neither is pay – at least, Wimbledon now pays out the same winners money for both men and women so I’m led to believe.

Most women tennis players are not fat. However some of them are hefty.

Ok so she’s not a whale – but she’s not small. Or attractively lean. And its not even the worst picture of her out there.

Since when has there been a fat, top 50, male tennis player? I can’t think of any and I presume it has something to do with the fact that if you’re carrying extra weight, there is no way you are going to win a gruelling 5 set match – you’re just going to fade as the match goes on.

Making women’s tennis go to 5 sets would not only weed out the players who rely heavily on power (yes, the butch players), but also make it easier on the eye when watching women’s tennis.

And lets be honest: what do you think the primary reason for watching women’s tennis is?

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