Ok ok I know when talking about Adele its completely unacceptable to mention the elephant (heh) in the room: she is well overweight. (See, I even used a polite term for it for a change).

Now she is, in my opinion, one of the better pop artists around these days. She has to be – she hasn’t the looks or physique that many other lessor artists can rely on in absence of actual musical talent:

You catch my drift.

It would appear that her success is purely a result of her musical ability – which is rather nice for a change.

But it does rile me when fat people claim that their curves fatness doesn’t bother them. Of course it does. Find me a person – especially a girl – who is happy about being fat and you’ve found me a big fat liar.

Its a basic fact of life that we will worry about what other people think of us, and its a basic fact of life that visually, people prefer to look at in-shape body figures as opposed to shapeless wobbling ones. (Note: the answer in this case is NOT to ignore what other people think of oneself in this regard. For a start, you’re probably kidding yourself if you think you don’t care, and with regards to fatness keeping ones head in the sand is completely self defeating in the long run).

Thats not to say Adele isn’t happy the way she is – but it is to say that she would be happier skinny.

Note: a solution to her weight predicament – maybe she should perform more regularly heh. Kidding, just kidding…

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