Marilyn Monroe was tiny

Fatties and fatty sympathisers are commonly heard informing others about how skinny isn’t actually more beautiful than fat, and that people only think so because society enforces this thinking onto them. This is a load of rot (to be discussed in greater depth at another time), but one of the pieces of evidence they often dredge up is the idea that female superstars of past decades were significantly bigger than the superstars of today.

Not so: a fascinating post right here.

I mean, these girls were petite! Sure, they may have been shorter (although their height is not given), but with waist sizes of between 26 and 18 (yes 18″!!) inches, none of these girls were fat, whatever their height!

And keep in mind the 26″ waist was Mae West, at the age of 77! (Her other measurement given is 24″, at age 44).

Sure, you could compare them to Milan catwalk models; few heterosexual males would call Milan catwalk models the epitome of beauty however. A fairer comparison would be to say, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, or Kirsten Dunst.

Out of all the actresses listed in the article, my favourite has always been Carol Lombard (died 1942 age 33). I knew she had a great figure – but I did not know she had a 21″  waist!

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