The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

Free promotion is not something I hand out lightly. But if I were to point out what I think is the best book on fat loss (and muscle gain) for the everyday joebloe, the 4 Hour Body would be it.

It wasn’t a game changer for me – it merely confirmed not only that what I’ve been doing is correct (i.e., effective, and efficient weight loss and muscle gain), but also why it works so well.

In saying that, as well as clearly stating what routines/plans work for which results (giving clear step by step instructions, and reasons for the steps), it also gave me a zillion extra ideas of how to maximise what I’m already achieving or have achieved.

This is not a book for pros. It is a book about what the pros do to achieve their greatness (bodybuilding, sport etc) and then translating it into practical guides for the ordinary person.

Its easy to read, easy to follow and makes a whole lot of sense.

I found that I disagreed with none of the first half of the book (i.e. the diets and exercise parts), especially in terms of its usefulness to beginners (i.e. skinny guys and fat guys/girls).

If you’re serious about getting in shape (whether this means putting on muscle, or losing fat, or both) then buy this book! And of course, do what it says.

In addition, there’s a rather useful forum for people who are implementing the programs. Can’t say I’ve spent much time on it myself, but it does look very helpful should you need support or advice (and if you’d rather not ask an arrogant and scathing individual such as myself for it).

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