Re: When guys say they just want to tone up

What is it really, to tone up?

In short, it is to add muscle and lose fat – exactly what every guy should be aiming for. And yet guys tell me “they just want to tone up” as some sort of an alternative to gaining muscle.

They say, “I just want to tone up, you know, like Brad Pitt in Troy”. Hmmm, let’s see:

He has obviously put on a big bunch of muscle (hard gym work and plenty of protein), and stripped himself of fat (strict diet). He looks like maybe 6 – 8% body fat. Oh, and a good tan helps – a lot.

And anyone can do this – this is not something restricted to the rich and famous!

Girls can get away with losing both muscle and fat – but keep in mind that the more muscle one has, the more fuel one burns through (regardless of activity/inactivity). So reducing muscle will make it harder to keep the fat off, because your body will require less fuel.

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