TV review – Pushy and Proud: Junk Food Mums

I chanced upon this program (I don’t go out of my way to watch fat people on TV – or anywhere for that matter) this evening. If you’re looking for evidence that fat people are missing a link or two up there (and I am looking for evidence), then take a look at this.

Take for example, these two beached whales:

I honestly don’t think they could have made this program prior to the advent of widescreen TVs, given the width of these land beasts.

The awful thing is, the one on the right is sooooo big that the one on the left (I’m confused as to where her neck begins and ends – does she actually have a neck?) doesn’t seem to recognise that she is also morbidly obese.

It was good to see that even on camera, the good public of England were giving them plenty of stick as they walked along the streets (shopping for bridesmaid tents dresses – yes the mumma whale found a fatty fucker desperate enough to marry her). Being the imbeciles that they are, they think its completely unjustified – outrageous even – that people should stare. But why shouldn’t they be given stick? If you purposely, intentionally allow yourself to look like an ugly freak, then expect to be mocked. In addition, they are a wilful burden to society, a wilful burden to our health system. And if they manage to breed (God forbid – imagine the mechanics of the whale humping involved), what are the chances that they’ll bring up their kids to be healthy, trim and fit?

On the contrary, that is exactly what fatties need: mocking, criticism and a boot up the backside (mind you don’t lose your boot up there).

And then there was the part of the program that focussed on the 13 year old identical blimps twins, whose mother – it has to be said – obviously hasn’t a clue. If your kids are that fat, that ignorant, that obnoxious, then let me just say:

and you’ve been doing it wrong a long time.

Thankfully, she sends them off to a 4 week Fat Camp (or, as they call it Weight Loss Camp).

I trust my tax isn’t being put toward that camp – it sucks arse. Hard. I mean, the camp leaders – for the most part – were hardly svelte themselves! And the food! No, I mean really – ham and cheese in burger buns, pizzas, pita bread: carby carb McCarbison!!!!!! When will people GET A CLUE?! Where was the high protein diet? Why were various versions of bread the main thing on the menu for lunch? (Thankfully, that was the only meal shown).

Still, it appears (according to the commentary at the end of the program) that it did atleast set them on the track of losing weight. Lets hope so. The fat people I find most tragic are the youngsters; the youthful years should be an individuals most exciting years – the peak of one’s beauty (for girls) and the peak of physical ability (for guys). Being fat during one’s youth robs one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

I’m not even going to start on the retarded mum, Naedeen, who practically force feeds her 5 young kids fast food, 3 meals a day. Those poor, doomed kids.

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