The problem with chips/crisps is the potato, NOT the fat

The popular media is a never ending source of, well, rubbish. But at least it provides plenty of fodder for my posts.

Here we have another online magazine proclaiming that you can have your chips and eat them too.

Lets have a look:

Unfortunately, most chips disappoint due to their high fat content and lackluster ingredients.

In fact, chips disappoint because they’re made of starchy carbs, which spikes your blood sugar/insulin levels, which results in your body storing more fat, and decreasing the chances of your body burning fat as fuel.

Note: my dinner this evening consisted of pan fried chicken breasts, crumbed with finely chopped almonds accompanied with spinach. That equates to lots of fat, heaps of protein, plenty of slow burning carbs and excellent nutrients (from the spinach), but no insulin spiking carbs.  This is consistent with all my meals so far this week (since Monday), and I have so far lost 1.7 kgs since Monday (I binged Saturday and Sunday). I estimate my body fat percentage to be around 12 – 13% at present (while weighing 94kgs, and height of 186cm).

In  any case lets look at the alternatives they suggest:

Soy crisps: I’m not even going to get into this apart from saying one thing. Avoid soy products at all costs. Soy products are incredibly processed and are full of chemicals or have required chemicals to get to the final manmade product. Soy is known to lower testosterone levels  (impeding muscle repair/and growth). In short, any benefits soy products are supposed to have are outweighed by the downsides.

Kale chips: not being familiar with kale chips, the only way I could form a judgement on them is via the nutritional facts from an online recipe, here. As you can see, starchy carbs still make up 33% of the product. Not really any different to potato chips.

In fairness, these may be relatively ok. Raw kale is infact acceptable to eat as part of a low/slow carb diet – its glycemic load is just 3. However I’m not sure what its effect is once turned into a chip so I’d stay clear of it until I was sure.

Lentil chips: Unfortunately lentils are fairly starchy. Similar in fact to potatoes, gram for gram. So I don’t see why the resulting chip is going to be any different.

If one is really serious about being less fat, then one won’t take short cuts. Keep the bad/yum stuff for your once a week cheat day. What do you really want: a fit body, or a quick mouthful of something yum?

Focus on the long term goal!

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