Bring on the binge

So its Friday night and only one sleep away until my weekend binge. Its going to be freakn awesome.

I know I recommend only one cheat day a week – for fatties wanting to lose weight – but as I’m pretty happy with my body so long as I’m between 91 – 95kgs and 10 – 14% body fat, (am currently 94kg at 12%) I can allow myself Sat and Sunday off.

Plus I’ve got sport on Sunday, and I always like to keep the glucose levels up while playing sport. You don’t compete the same with low blood sugar levels. (In any case, if you’re doing strenuous exercise, the glucose gets used up rather than stored as fat, so long as you’re consuming the glucose during the exercise – not half a day later).

Anyway, the point of this post is to gush over the delicious rubbish I intend to consume tomorrow. Here’s how I see it panning out:

Whey protein isolate with water (ok, not so nice. But never drop your protein intake if you can help it, if you’re not wanting to lose muscle).

Double butter scones with cream and jam first thing.

Hopefully get out of the house in time to get a big cooked breakfast (sausages, bacon, beans, eggs toast and butter etc) from a local cafe.

Lunch out- probably fish and chips if I can find a pub that looks like it has decent food. With ginger beer or ginger ale to drink. Or maybe a cider.

Various cakes, slices (preferably chocolatey) from bakeries that I may come across throughout the day. And chocolate coated coffee beans (incidently, these have the amazing effect of pushing out your food sooner than expected – a good thing I’m sure on a day like this as it means your body won’t be able to absorb quite so much of the shit you’ve eaten).

Maybe a big mocha frappacino with cream and extra chocolate sauce from Starbucks.

For first dinner, a big rump of lamb with all the trimmings sounds about right, accompanied by coke, or gingerbeer. Or cider. Or a belgium beer or two. Maybe all of the above.

Followed by a berry pie and cream.

Then back home, maybe some pizzas (with extra cheese). Accompanied by mango Rubicon.

Probably finished off with a cream donut or two, and a 200 gram block of belgium chocolate (with bits of hazelnuts in it to add to the crunch), accompanied by green tea with cinnamon.

I am not kidding.

What are the worst parts of this day of delights?

1) Fizzy drink (Instant massive refined sugar hit)

2) Beer/Cider (Alcohol massively spikes insulin, regardless of the drinks sugar content, plus inhibits muscle growth)

3) Scone and jam (not the cream; flour in the scone and sugar in the jam and scone)

4) Chocolate (stacked with dairy product and sugar)

5) Chips (potatoes are just starch – high impact carb)

Ok I’m going to stop there – there is quite a lot wrong heh. But am I looking forward to it?

Sunday won’t be quite so bad, primarily because much of the day will be spent playing sport, rather than consuming food.


I will try a couple of things throughout the day to attempt to mitigate the insulin spikes. These include:

– sets of air squats and pressups immediately before or after a binge (putting large muscles under high resistance/stress will cause your body to use much of the glucose in your blood to be taken up by the muscles, rather than stored as fat)

– drink green tea with cinnamon throughout the day if available (cinnamon appears to lower insulinic response, and green tea supposedly helps raise your metabolism)

I only do these if convenient – its not a must. But I must admit, the sporadic air squats and pressup sets do seem to make quite a difference as compared to the binge weekends when I don’t do them.

Wish me luck.

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