Snacks – another review

Snacking is a good thing, so long as the right food is being eaten. You don’t want to get your body into starvation mode, as this actually makes it harder to burn off fat.

Not sure why I’m picking on so much; I hadn’t even heard of them until someone sent me a random article a week ago or so. But they just keep spouting such ignorant crap I just can’t let them go.

So lets see what they have to say about snacks:

Kale Chips For a nutrient-rich chip, grab yourself a bunch of kale.Kale chips are light, crispy, nutty, and as you’ll find out – totally addictive. They’re also light on calories. Chips made from half a bunch of kale are only 59 calories, but packed with vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. I bet a bag of Lay’s or Ruffles can’t boast the same.

Wadayano – I actually agree with them for a change. Kale is a member of the same family as cabbage, and as per a previous post of mine it is actually pretty good for low/slow carb dieters. Olive oil is also fine, as is pepper. I try to avoid salt as it causes one to keep on water weight. But overall this is an acceptable snack – you can pretty much eat as much as you want of it so long as salt is kept to a minimum.

The downside is that there is zero protein in this snack. So your muscle tissue is going to suffer if you eat this at the expense of anything proteinous. Plus zero-protein food tends to be ineffective in satisfying hunger.

Peanut Butter and Honey Balls If you’re craving a sweet treat, whip up a batch of these peanut butter and honey balls. Chock-full of protein, iron, and fiber, these tasty treats are delicious sources of healthy nutrients, but they’re also bursting of flavor. They’re also only 100 calories per serving.

Wrong. Want to lose weight? No sweet treats for you (except on your treat day – I’m ploughing through a box of chocolates as I type this). Honey is pure sugar pretty much, so is going to spike your insulin levels significantly.

Peanut butter is ok-ish as it is primarily protein and fat, but it is still carbier than other nuts (peanuts not actually being true nuts but rather a legume). Use almond butter instead.

Chipotle Hummus With Veggies OK, so eating our chipotle hummus with pretzels won’t keep you under the 100 calorie mark, but choosing celery and red peppers will! One serving of hummus is 90 calories, and a decent serving of red bell pepper or celery is about 10 calories.

I’d avoid hummus, myself. Chickpeas aren’t the worse food but they do have a fairly noticable effect on ones insulin levels. Peppers and celery are slow carb so are perfectly acceptable – i eat quite a lot of green peppers during lunch/afternoon during the week.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries When I’m craving the salty crunch of a french fry, I opt for baked sweet potato fries, which are an amazing source of vitamins A and C. The natural sweetness of the potato pairs well with salt, pepper, and chipotle, but, best of all – one serving is only 81 calories!

Potatoes?!! Are you kidding me? As I’ve posted previously, the worst thing about a french fry is the starchy carby potato, not the fat its fried in. Eat potato, no matter how much, and you will spike your sugar/insulin levels, leading to your body storing more fat and making it more unlikely that your body will burn fat as fuel – no matter how low the calorie count of your serving.

Greek Yogurt With Fresh Berries Packed with protein, calcium, and vitamin C, a 5.3-ounce serving cup of Fage plain, nonfat Greek yogurt topped with a quarter-cup of the Summer’s freshest berries will only set you back 100 calories!

Greek yoghurt is actually pretty ok – i’s lactose has been broken down during the fermenting stage, and the casein has been removed (if it’s proper Greek yoghurt). Casein and lactose are what makes most dairy products unusable for dieters trying to eliminate insulin spikes.

Contrary to the above, go for full fat greek yoghurt. It tastes far nicer, it supplies you with needed calories (as mentioned above the purpose of the low/slow carb diet is not starvation), and the higher fat content generally reduces the insulin effect of potential insulin spikers.

Berries will have to wait for cheat days however.

Time to go get me some more yum food. I love my cheat day.

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