The staples part 1: Whey protein isolate

On non-cheat days (Monday to Friday) tuna, chicken, eggs and whey protein isolate are my staple protein sources during the work week.

Spinach,  broccoli, capsicum (peppers), string beans, watercress and rocket are my slow carb staples. These are consumed in some quantity. (Note: I’m currently being particularly strict; at other times I’ll also include tomatoes, olives, lentils and even sip on a glucose drink during my workouts).

Sunflower seeds, olive oil, cod liver oil, eggs, butter and nuts (primarily brazil, almonds, hazelnuts) are my fat staples.

I only drink water and green tea on non-cheat days.

I season my food with pepper, indian spices, dried mixed herbs, or fresh coriander (but not with salt).

This is all pretty self explanatory I think (if it isn’t let me know), except for maybe the whey protein isolate. Although many people know about whey protein as a source of protein for gym goers, not so many know about the difference between the different types of whey protein.

In short:

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is the ultimate form of whey protein, containing over 90% protein with very little fat and lactose. Having the highest Biological Value (BV) of any known protein, Whey Protein Isolate contains high levels of both essential and non-essential Amino Acids.

Any other protein powder will not have as high a percentage (i.e. over 90%) of protein per serving, as WPI. That is to say, you can’t get anything more purely protein.

Not only this by as the blurb states, it has the highest “BV”; that is to say, it is the most absorbable protein of any kind. More absorbable than the protein found in meats, eggs, nuts, and any other whey protein.

Other whey protein powders (e.g. whey protein concentrate or plain whey protein) have not only lower percentage amounts of protein (between 70 – 80% per serving) but the quality of the protein is lower, meaning your body will absorb less of it.

Plus, as WPI has negligible amounts lactose or casein (the other whey proteins do have these), WPI has minimal effects on ones insulin levels – especially in comparison to the lessor whey proteins.

Here’s another recommendation: in the UK at least, has the best and cheapest WPI (again, I have no financial ties to MyProtein – although if they wish to reward me for my good feedback, who am I to refuse them heh):

I take the unflavoured stuff – its cheaper and I don’t eat for taste during the week. However I happen to know that the flavoured stuff (chocolate or strawberry cream inparticular) is actually pretty good stuff. Like chocolate or strawberry milkshakes. No lumps or anything.

I take this first thing in the morning, immediately before and after a workout, and last thing before bed.

Important to note: a high protein diet is not just a man thing – women will notice huge improvements also. Although it seems many prefer to just try and starve themselves to skinniness – a short term, unpleasant and an unhealthy method.

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