Dieters suffer in vain – as a result of incompetent mainstream science

Gonna let another blogger preach for me today. I go on ad nauseum about the irrational dogma preached by doctors, the mainstream media, and mainstream scientists in governmental advisory positions which states that obesity is a result of too many calories consumed versus too little calories expended.

Dave Asprey provides an excellent critique of another piece of plebbish mainstream media spouting the usual drivel regarding calorie based weight loss.

Key points of his include:

1) Many other little known factors have far greater impact on weight loss than calories do. These include sleep patterns, toxins and environmental temperature.

2) There are numerous examples (including himself and his clients – and I can include myself and friends who’ve followed my diet) who have lost significant amounts of fat while increasing calorific intake (primarily in the form of fat).

3) And his last paragraph:

Good scientists should seek out, understand, and isolate outliers (like the 60 pounds in 60 days case) and all likely variables.  To do otherwise is not only bad science, it dooms another generation of Americans to further nutritional experimentation.

Certainly, this does nothing to increase my (already very low) confidence in the mainstream scientific community in general.

Incidently, Asprey’s Bulletproof blog and book are excellent sources of nutritional information. While my humble blog exists merely to serve as an encouragement to not be fat (while providing the odd bits of advice in how to not be fat), Asprey has gone (and still does go) to enormous length to research the best ways to not only become or remain fit and trim, but to become generally “bulletproof” in all facits of life.

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