TV review – The Biggest Loser UK

I’m sorry to have to say this, but The Biggest Loser UK is incredibly inferior to the US version. At least, the season  current season showing on ITV2 is.

For a start, the trainers seem steeped in the conventional “calories in vs calories out” method. Now, that does work to a degree. But it has a terrible gain/pain ratio i.e. the effort required to lose weight is far greater than using the much healthier low/slow carb method. And it unfortunately means the fatties lose fat and muscle, when putting on muscle would actually enable to burn greater amounts of fat (and look better)  and therefore make it easier to keep the fat off long term.

Plus, there is a far too great a focus on cardio based exercise, when again, its been proven that resistance training burns through far more energy (and of course, builds muscle meaning it becomes easier to burn fat).

And it shows. The weight loss on this show is pretty slow going. And even when they do lose weight, the participants remain saggy and out of shape even while being lighter because they haven’t built any muscle (or in pleb language: “they haven’t toned up”.

Plus what is up with the stupid “temptation” test?! It doesn’t achieve anything whatsoever.

I’ve got a solution for their program – hire me as trainer!

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