Man, 200kg, forklifted from home


Anyone care to sum up the approximate cost of this fucking waste of space of a human being medical emergency?

More than 15 paramedics and firefighters were involved in the delicate removal of the 200-kilogram (31 stone) man from his home in Essendon yesterday afternoon.

Can’t imagine 15 paramedics and firefighters come cheap.

He was then transferred slowly to a mechanical lifter, a specially designed forklift, before crews used airbags and platforms to safely get the man into the ambulance…

A specially designed forklift, airbags and platforms.

Letting the giant blob of fat die in the comfort of his own filth home would arguably be less sad than his actual existence.

Come to think of it, the most disturbing thing I take from the article is that a specially designed forklift exists! How often is it needed?!

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