Post about the fact that lots of fatties die of their fatness

So apparently death by obesity is now more common than death by starvation.

The only good thing about this article is that it reminds us that at least fatties aren’t around on earth as long as the rest of us. Meaning they have a relatively short time to pollute this earth with their ugliness.

Ignore the usual plebbish media drivel about global warming climate change or speculative trading inflating the problem. Regarding speculative trading: as noted in the comments section, prices wouldn’t rise if there wasn’t the underlying demand (or likely future demand) for food. And in my opinion, the whole global warming climate change thing is yet another example of mainstream/high profile scientistry getting it well wrong, as a result of vested interest. (Give us another 10 years and it’ll be “global warming what?”).

No, the cause of fatness in westernised individuals, generally speaking, isn’t so much the eating of too much food; its eating the wrong food.

And my hunch is that famine/starvation is generally a result of years of mismanagement, corruption and/or incompetence of the starving country’s government.

In any case, this report only confirms what we already know – there are way too many fatties around.

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