TV review – The Biggest Loser update

One more comment on that show – and this applies to all versions, whichever the country:

I can’t stand all the psycho-analysis counseling bullshit the trainers do on the contestants, to try and find deep rooted causes for the participants’ fatness. “Oh my dog died and then I got fat” or “My grandpa got cancer so I just ate more” or shit like that. The trainers appear to think they’re like, awesome head readers or something, and won’t let up on their prey until they’ve “confessed” to some deep secret reason for their inability to stay slim. Cue tears and relief that, thank goodness, their fatness isn’t really their fault.

Far out.  “I lack self-control and self-discipline” – that is the honest answer.

Yum food tastes yum and working out is a pain in the arse. End of story.

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