The obsession with calorie counting

Why the obsession with calorie counting? At what stage will the general “weight-aware” public shift from this tired, unscientific dogma to the far superior low/slow carb method?

Is it mainly because its easier to count calories? All you have to do is add up the numbers on the food packets you’re eating out of, and so long as you eat less than your day’s “quota” then you can feel that you have a chance of losing some weight?

Macdonalds probably don’t really care whether its effective or not – they’ll just be adding the calorie info to their food for publicity’s sake.

When Paul Venables, an IT consultant, last visited McDonald’s, he ordered a quarter pounder with cheese and large fries. Yesterday, he swapped the fries, at 460 calories, for a fruit bag at 42 calories, and held the cheese, knocking almost 500 calories from his meal.

The thing is, dropping the fries for fruit and dropping the cheese on a consistent basis will go someway to helping Paul lose weight – or at least put less of it on. But the confusing thing (for most people) is that this is not so much to do with the reduction in calories. Rather, its the fact that the starchy potatoes and dairy based cheese spike ones insulin levels hugely, leading to ones body storing all the carbs as fat.

Believe it or not the carbs you eat are far more likely to finish up on your arse or waist, than the fat you eat is. Remember this (quoted in my previous post):

Not only do high insulin levels (caused by eating refined carbohydrate) tell the body to store carbohydrates as fat, they also tell it not to release any stored fat. This makes it impossible for you to use your own stored body fat for energy. So the excess carbohydrates in your diet not only make you fat, they make sure you stay fat. It’s a double whammy…

Now fruit – being sugary – will actually spike insulin levels as well but I have a strong hunch fries are far worse in this regard. Far better though, if one swapped the fries for vegetables.

But whats the point, when the burger you’re eating includes a bread bun?! Carby carb macCarbison!

In New York, where McDonald’s has been publishing calorie counts since 2008, the average lunchtime purchase has dropped less significantly, from 829 to 785 calories.

I wonder if this will correlate with a drop in obesity. Or weight in general. I doubt it.

In fact, based on the following, it could lead to an increase:

Daniel Pryce, 25, who works in a law firm, chose a chicken sandwich (385 calories), small fries (230 calories) and Sprite zero (two calories). “I don’t come here that often, so I just eat whatever I want,” he said. “But eating a McDonald’s isn’t actually that bad.”

Daniel’s lunch reinterpreted correctly: Chicken sandwich (get rid of the bread, because otherwise its an insulin spiker/fat storer); small fries (doesn’t matter whether its a small or not – huge insulin spiker/fat storer); Sprite zero (no such thing as a free lunch so to speak – fake sugars are known to cause similar responses in the body to actual sugar, calories or no calories, not to mention the fact that fake sugar is usually some poisonous substance).

Denniz Messi, 24, from Greece, said that even if the calorie counts were not sky high, it did not make McDonald’s healthy. “We all know this food is fattening, and not good for your health.”

Yes, but do you know WHY its fattening?! No, it would appear most people have no idea.

Stupid, common, and ignorant plebs of society that they are.

Note: so what can you eat at MacDonalds? I recommend eating whatever the hell you want – on your once-a-week cheat day only. I go beserk if I’m there on my cheat day: Big Mac, bacon cheeseburger, fries, large drink (none of that Zero or Diet shit), two Smarties/M&Ms MacFlurries etc. You get the idea.

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