Sunshine brings out the best and the worst

Why do so many fat people wear clothes one or two sizes too small? Do they think that if they can manage to squeeze their blubbery bodies into an xxl or size 16 instead of the actual xxxxl or size 20 they should be covering themselves up with, that they somehow magically look lighter?

How wrong they are. This only further confirms my sneaking suspicion that fat people are indeed stupider than the average non-fat person.

No, in fact too tight and too short clothing just accentuates everything that is wrong (and fat) about fatties.

This has been brought to my attention by the recent mid-autumn heatwave here in London. Don’t get me wrong – I love the sun. I would – if I could – chase summer around the world all year. Afterall, everyone looks better with a tan – even fatties. (Potential topic for another post perhaps?)

However the result of this heatwave is the mass swapping of jeans and jackets for short shorts/skirts and singlets (or vests as they call them here).

Strolling through Regents Park yesterday, it occurred to me that a large percentage of the thousands of other strollers/sun bathers had in fact squeezed themselves into their old summer clothes, not having worn them for a month or two.

It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Like the Scouts say: always be prepared!

Note: size 16 or xxl is still fat. Unless the xxl is a guy with loads of muscle.

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