Say no to sugar

People seem to understand that sugar is bad to eat, as a general rule.

The reason it is bad for you is often misunderstood however. For example, when I was growing up I was told that the primary reason sugary food and drink was bad for you was because it rotted your teeth! It may well do, but that is not its primary evil.

Here’s an article on the matter, which illustrates my point. The only concrete reason the article writer can come up with is:

Apart from sugar messing up your concentration – something I’m thinking might be useful in a meeting – surely this is the stuff we used to eat as teenagers.

Heh. Is that it?! The only reason we shouldn’t consume sugar is because it messes with your concentration and its what teenagers do?!

Later on we read:

Apart from anything else, our body’s ability to metabolise junk food slows down as we get older. That’s one of the reasons why we put on weight as we age; you may still be eating like a teenager, but your digestion is on its way to geriatric.

Very vague reasons, in all honesty.

Sugar is an extremely fast absorbed carb and so hits your blood stream very quickly. Its pretty much the king of insulin spikers. And we know what that means don’t we:  your body goes into fat storage mode – holding on to as much fat as possible and storing the sugar in your blood as yet more fat.

This is assuming you’re not doing intensive exercise or sport at the time. If you are straining your muscles (i.e. breaking them down) then your body will absorb carbs differently – into rebuilding muscle tissue. (This is why I can sip on a glucose drink during my workout without affecting my weightloss).

Its not about eating “everything in moderation” (man I hate how often that cliche gets bandied about) – at least, not if you’re wanting to lean up. Biscuits, chocolates, turkish delights, lollies etc etc all get offered to me on a regular basis during the week, and I will not touch any of it – not even in “moderation”.

I’ve actually recently started a weird practise of smelling anything yum that gets passed my way during the week – somehow the smelling  of yum food goes a small (very small) way of providing some sort of relief from temptation.

So why can’t you just have like, just one lolly (or sweet as they call them here in UK, or candy in the US)? Hardly any calories involved if you think about it. In fact, on a calorie basis, a small handful of lollies throughout the day instead of say, the nuts I consume as a snack, would actually be a reduction of my calorie intake.

No, because it spikes your insulin levels, one lolly eaten during the day could completely negate any weight loss you had hoped to make that day (or even during the week if you were hoping to get to a state of ketosis by week end).

So don’t do it! (except on your cheat day during which, go mad and eat all the sugar you want).

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