Sorry, you can’t blame your fatness on your genes

Its amazing how many people seemed to be resigned to the idea that they are the shape they are because, well, that’s just who they are. Like, its not their fault, they were born that way.

What rot. Everyone can do something about their shape, size, body fat percentage and general attractiveness. I just can’t understand how people – in particular fat people – can be so clueless or noncaring about their appearance, health and physical ability that they are able to convince themselves that they just can’t help the way they are.

What is certain is some people undoubtedly are dealt a superior set of genetic cards but not everyone with a bad stack is overweight.

Without a doubt,  some people are blessed with genes that enable them to burn fat and/or build muscle far more easily than others. Some of my ripped mates at the gym get to eat way more carbs than I can. They seem to – at least at this stage in their lives – be either able to  naturally absorb more of the carbs into muscle (or perhaps pass more of it through without absorbing it at all) or perhaps they are able to more easily burn fat stores. I don’t know.

But as the study notes above, those with average genes aren’t all fat – which means I have a message for those with average genes who happen to be fat:

Not only that, but:

Interestingly, a study by US consumer organisation Consumer Reports that screened 21,000 readers to find the 16 per cent of people who were ”always-slim”, concluded the overwhelming link between them was healthy eating habits, portion control and regular exercise.

Taking my example of the ripped guys at my gym who aren’t as strict with their diets as I am, I bet they would still be fat – good genetics or not – if they didn’t work out the way the do (regular, intensive resistance training) and if they didn’t worry about what they ate at all.

So fatties: don’t be going all jealous over slim people, because they are generally slim for other reasons other than genetic make up.

Note: many many fatties get to the stage of giving up and accepting their wobbling figures after trying various forms of starvation dieting. By starvation dieting, I mean the conventional “calories in vs calories out” dieting.

Unfortunately, although this can work for some fatties – eventually – it is horribly hard going, and hard to keep up. Not only this, but it often ends up stunting ones metabolism so that your body ends up increasing its propensity to store excess energy as fat. All in all it has a terrible pain to gain ratio.

Thankfully, you have this blog to help keep you properly informed so that you can maximize your pain/gain ratio.

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