There is no such thing as “good” pasta – take two

There is only bad or worse pasta. like to differ.Which is why I’d bet the vast majority of their avid followers are far from the epitome of leanness.

I’m not going to review each of their examples of bad pasta; instead all I need to do is make the sweeping comment that many of the things they suggest as being the bad ingredients (butter, cream and meat) I’d far sooner guzzle down, than the pasta itself! (In fact, butter/cream is my preferred form of fat consumption for fatloss, nutritional and health reasons. Don’t believe what your mama told you: its not the butter that’s causing heart attacks and fatties).*

If you take a person’s diet and cut all the pasta out of it, and you take another person with exactly the same diet and instead cut all the butter and cream out of it, the first person will lose more weight (or gain less) than the second (all other things being equal).

I’m not going to review each of their examples of “good pasta” either. I mean, whats the point.

You know the drill: pasta is a refined carb that will spike your insulin levels, causing your body to store more fat while at the same time making it hard for your body to burn fat as energy.

If you really want to give your body the chance to lose fat, you’ll save pasta for your cheat day.

*This is an excellent – but fairly heavy going – article on why butter is not only fine to eat while getting leaner, but should in fact be a preferred ingredient for anyone.
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