Is MyPlate any good?

So apparently MyPlate is supposed to replace the well known “food pyramid” as the tool to teach the pleb masses what to eat.

I remember being taught about the food pyramid at primary school – there was a poster promoting it that stayed pinned to the wall of our classroom throughout all the years I was there.

Now readers of the blog will already know that I’d never recommend the food pyramid as as a guide to a healthy diet. Its bollix really, heavily influenced by lobbyists from the grain and diary industries, I reckon.

But lets do a quick review of both MyPlate and the old school food pyramid, just for fun – and also to see just whether the elite-governmental-advising-saints-in-white-lab-coat scientists have learnt from their long standing mistake (which is, after all, what the scientific method is all about I had thought) that is the old food pyramid.

Ok so the food pyramid is awful:

1) It basically says to concentrate your diet mainly on everything I’m telling you to avoid: bread, pasta, cereal etc.

2) It has fruit at level pegging with vegeatables, which is outrageous – fruit is packed full of sugar. You should only use fruit as you would an energy drink – during rigorous exercise or sport (or on your cheat day).

3) Protein is 3rd up the pyramid! On level pegging with dairy no less! As we should all know by now, the western diet is notoriously deficient in protein, and dairy has a lot to answer for with regards to obesity, diabetes etc etc.

4) Fat (and oil, although they are essentially the same thing) is plumped into one general evil catergory, along with “sweets”. Of course, readers of this blog will know that fat is infact vital to a healthy, lean diet and far superior to the carbohydrates promoted at the bottom of the pyramid.

Its all so completely wrong. No wonder there is such an obesity problem – thanks to this amazing piece of governmental incompetency propaganda advice (which we tax payers all pay for) the vast majority of westerners wake up to a bowl of cereal drenched in milk, and/or a piece of toast followed by bread or pasta at lunch, complete with rice/pasta/potatoes at dinner all the while merrily thinking they’re on a “healthy, well balanced diet” and simultaneously wondering why the fuck they look so fat and ugly, and why the fuck their kids are growing up fat and ugly and riddled with diabetes, asthma, ridiculous allergies, or all three.

I digress.

Believe it or not, MyPlate is an improvement.

1) Protein now has a much greater place of importance, taking up a quarter of the plate. An improvement.

2) Vegetables have the biggest portion, and a much bigger portion than fruit. Significant improvement.

3) Diary is relegated to a side serving – good stuff. Although it appears they’re suggesting drinking it instead of water. Not good AT ALL (unless you’re into impersonating beached whales).

4) Refined sugars are ignored completely, which is excellent.

4) Grains are given far too bigger a portion, which is a major let down.

5) It completely omits fats. Weird really, and worrying.

In short however, its a welcome upgrade to the pyramid.

I’ll take three key things from all of the above:

1) I’ll never understand why people allocate scientists such revered, unquestioned, authoritative statuses, when its taken those same scientists, what, 50 or 60 years?! to update a terribly flawed (and biased to vested interests) dietary plan.

2) Related to the above: I’ll never believe or do stuff just because the majority already do. The majority are ignorant plebs.

4) I’m still not confident with the spelling of pyriamid pirymad pyrimad pyramid.

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