I’m a sucker for sleep

I love my sleep.

Due to an early morning trip to the airport to pick up my best mate from the airport this morning, I only had 4 and a half hours sleep last night.

So while the sacrifice was well worth it, it did remind me just how much I value my sleep – and why.

I nearly  always get at least 7 and half hours sleep – I like to get 8 hours if I can. If I get less than 7, I’m going to feel like shit the next day and find going to the gym pretty pointless as I’m washed out, and tend to increase my chances of straining of pulling something.

Plus if I’m trying to lose fat, sleep deprivation really puts a spanner in the works. It is very obvious to me – as a result of experience – that a lack of sleep seriously thwarts my efforts to lean up.

And here’s some stuff to back up my lessons learnt from experience:

“Studies consistently show that the less sleep people have, the greater their chances of obesity,” confirms Dr David Haslam, chair of the National Obesity Forum. “People think sleep is just sedentary, so it can’t possibly help you lose weight, but lack of it mucks up our appetite hormones.”

Yeah ok so it makes you want to eat more apparently. Not exactly the point I was trying to make. But still, its a related point.

Actually here’s the quote I was really after:

“Also, sleep deprivation puts increased stress on your body, making us produce more steroids from our adrenal glands, causing us to retain more fat in our body. The result of all these things is that no matter how hard people try to lose weight, they will have an uphill battle if they don’t get a good night’s sleep.”

Read and heed.

But wait there’s more – read the last paragraph regarding the fact that the lack of sleep causes insulin issues:

Researchers from the University of Buffalo in New York, found that those who slept on average for fewer than six hours a night during the working week were 4.56 times more likely to develop impaired fasting glucose than those sleeping six to eight hours a night.

Whadayano it fecks with your glucose/insulin levels. I’m guessing this is why its so hard to get the fat of no matter what you else you do, if you’re not getting enough sleep.

Plus you need a full nights sleep to allow your muscles repair after the strenuous resistance training workout you should be in the habit of doing 3 or so days a week.

Lucky  for me its my cheat day today anyway so I don’t really care.

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