There’s nothing wrong with a little diet coke habit. Wait, what?!

The vast majority of mainstream media is written for ignorant plebs by ignorant plebs.

This article on the virtues of Diet Coke does nothing to persuade me otherwise.

Very few people seem to realise that drinking Diet Coke instead of real Coke, will do very little in ones efforts to keep the fat off.

Surely that’s nonsense you say! Coke has way more calories – in fact Diet Coke has no calories at all!

Lets gets this straight: the primary reason real Coke is bad for you is because the extremely refined sugar hits your blood stream instantly, and in massive quantities. This causes your insulin levels spike massively; this then causes your body to turn on “fat storage mode”. I.e.,  you’ve just made your body hang onto all its fat stores that it possibly can – you have just made it very difficult for you body to use fat as fuel. Plus, of course, all that excess glucose in your blood stream will be stored as fat.

Diet coke – or more generally, fake sugar – stimulates much the same response in your body. Your body thinks its had sugar, and your insulin levels are raised. Hello “fat storage mode”! Ok, so there won’t be excess glucose from Diet Coke to store as fat, but any glucose currently in your bloodstream that your body can spare, will more likely be stored as fat.

So ok, strictly speaking Diet Coke is marginally better for you, in the fat fighting stakes. But not by much, and not nearly as much the average idiot person on the street thinks it is.

And that is just one of the many reasons why we see so many fatties failing to lose weight, even when they think they’re trying.

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3 Responses to There’s nothing wrong with a little diet coke habit. Wait, what?!

  1. brit1329 says:

    As I sit at my computer, drinking my Diet Pepsi and reading your blog, I think you struck a nerve with me. All I drink is water and Diet Soda with an occasional milk or juice. For awhile I was doing well with only drinking a little soda at dinner, but lately it seems like the soda is pretty much taking over my liquid consumption…..I need to go back to drinking mostly water.

    • harpooningwhales says:

      Yeah I’m a bit of a killjoy like that. But if you can save all your milk, juice and soda consumption to your cheat day (or cheat days if you can afford it – I take the weekend off) you’ll notice the difference.

  2. brit1329 says:

    Nope, don’t feel like a killjoy 🙂 It’s the truth, and sometimes the truth sucks to hear. I really don’t drink a lot of milk or juice, because I just have a hard time with taking in so many calories in just a drink to go along with my meal, so I think my biggest problem is getting rid of all the diet soda I’m drinking again. Now, I just have to get over these headaches I get when I don’t drink soda all afternoon.

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