Oh hello, westerners are overfed and undernourished. How about that.

I don’t actually think New Zealand could possibly be the worst case scenario in terms of diet related poor health – and obesity in particular. But its still pretty shit that’s for sure!

Twenty-eight percent of us are obese. Despite this, many of us are not getting enough of some important minerals.

Holy crap: 28%! Not cool. How can so many people be so accepting of their pathetic physical condition?!

It is high time that the politically correct, limp wristed approach to fatties the obesity epidemic be turned on its head. Why not set up an advertising campaign, telling it like it is:

Back to the matter at hand:

The current model for healthy eating, the food pyramid, is pretty complicated and hard to remember – who really ticks off how many serves they’re getting every day of five separate food groups? We need something simpler; something we can all keep in our heads.

Oh the food pyramid. As noted previously, it is shit and quite possibly needs to shoulder a large portion of the blame for the fact that over a quarter of NZers are obese.

Oh, the public needs something simpler. I guess that makes sense, given they’re primarily ignorant stupid plebs.

In the USA, the world’s fattest nation, they’ve come to this realisation too. They’ve ditched the food pyramid and adopted the “Myplate” model.

Fortunately, Myplate is a huge improvement, as I’ve also noted earlier. Not ideal, but an improvement.

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