Being in shape is not an end goal – its a continuous process

So many people I know give the gym and diet thing a bash, achieve (or get closer to) their end goal, only to go back to their old ways after a couple of months or so and get fat again.

More often than not, I’m not surprised given the horrible starvation diets and endless boring cardio sessions they put themselves through.

But even among those who do listen to some of what I have to say – i.e. they change their diet to higher protein, lower carb and push weights more than they use the treadmill – it very often only lasts 2 or 3 months.

Just yesterday a good friend – who up until 2 months ago had made great gains by going to the gym (weight training) at least 3 times a week, and increasing his protein-compared-to-carb intake – told me that in a weeks time he was going to start back up again at the gym, and go hard for a couple of months. “Why two months?” I asked. “So I can look good again, you know get, get abs and fit again” he responded.

The poor guy then of course got the full blown half hour lecture from yours truely about how even if he did make some amazing gains in 2 months, he’d get to enjoy the results of them for perhaps, maybe, 1 week tops until things all started falling back into, well, I dunno, not into shape thats for sure. Unless he continued on with his “going hard at the gym and being good with his diet” for another month. And another month. And another month. Etc etc.

You get the idea. Having a fit body is a neverending process. There is no easy fix.

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