Green tea

I’m having second thoughts about green tea. Infact, I’ve taken myself off it except for immediately before and after gym sessions.

Most people have heard that green tea is good for fat loss, and I bought into the hype – I believed it raised ones metabolism (I guess primarily due to the caffeine?) and that it had other properties that helped keep on lean.

This article appears to support that a property in green tea (other than the caffeine) helps to keep on trim. But don’t be missled – the article only suggests that green tea may help to prevent the breakdown and use of fat consumed. I’ve made it abundantly clear already on this blog that it is not the eating of fat that makes one fat, but rather the eating of refined carbs.

I was hoping that the article would provide proof that drinking green tea promotes the use of fat as energy. But it does nothing of the sort.

In fact I don’t want green tea inhibiting the processing the fat that I eat, as the fat I eat is a vital and nutritious part of my diet.

But more to the point, its been suggested to me that caffeine may infact induce insulin spikes, even though its not itself a carb. The theory is that the caffeine induces the liver to release stored glucose into the blood stream, and therefore raising insulin levels.

Although I need to research this more thoroughly, it makes sense from personal use. For a start caffeine gives one a pick-me-up and then the corresponding downer, as one would get if you ate some refined carbs.

So good bye caffeine – mostly. For now anyway – we’ll see what happens.

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