I’m back

So I’m on holiday and its turning out to be a pretty hectic one. Gotta turn this silence on the blog around though.

I’m in NZ (having come from London where I live) and it has to be said: I think fatness is a bigger problem here (particularly noticeable among younger females) than in the UK. I was not expecting that, but there you go. I have hardly seen a slim girl in the 5 days I’ve been here.

On the flip side, it seems that loads of friends, family and acquaintances I have here have collectively lost lots of fat. Its pretty incredible actually – and it makes me happy.

As for me, I got sick for a couple of days so haven’t been to the gym and my diet hasn’t been picture perfect (although not terrible). So I’ve lost a bit of muscle and am not quite as trim. But its not too bad. Plus its been blindingly sunny these past few days – and the resulting tan goes a long way to making one look fitter. So I’m hoping that kinda balances things out.

Normal service to resume around about now.

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