Men’s Health – “Skinny Habits”, part 2

All right lets have a look at what else Men’s Health has for us with regards to staying or getting lean:

Skinny Habit #3: Eat a boring diet

Researchers at the University of Buffalo discovered that people whoa ate macaroni and cheese every day took in significantly fewer calories than those who ate the cheese-covered noodles only once a week. The reason: The novelty of new foods drives us to consume more, so by removing the novelty, we feel fuller, faster. I’m not suggesting you choose one meal and eat it every day for the rest of your life, but the more routines you establish, the more your belly will shrink. Start with lunch. If you find yourself scratching your head every day when the clock strikes noon, you’ll end up eating impulsively and taking in more calories. Instead, pick something healthy, like a soup-and-salad combo, and eat it every day. Or grab a book like Cook This, Not That! Easy 350-Calorie Meals and commit to making more dinners at home.

Look, this may be so. And for a GIRL (not a guy) who doesn’t care about losing muscle (although she should – generally speaking the less muscle anyone has the more out of shape one looks) it might be an ok piece of advice. Better than doing nothing maybe. But as I’ve stated over and over: its not how much you’re eating, its primarily WHAT you’re eating.

Certainly my diet during the week is incredibly boring. And if you are serious about getting trim,.your diet may well be quite boring (depending on how much time and effort you want to spend on meal preparation). But this is more a byproduct of getting trim, not the cause – once you cut out refined carbs you limit your options rather significantly.

Skinny Habit #4: Reward yourself

Once you’ve established a healthy routine, you need to establish a reward system. Think of those pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail. It’s a trip known best for being rife with danger, but it was also rife with sluggish tedium. Early American settlers wouldn’t have completed the journey without the proverbial promise of milk and honey at the end, and neither will you stay the course of a repetitive diet without something more closely resembling literal milk and honey. A great way to stick to a low-calorie diet without breaking down into rebellious binge-mode is to reward yourself with a small dessert every day. Pick a food you love, and at the end of every day, reward yourself with a portion of about 200 calories. But remember—you only get the reward if you deserve it.

Idiots. Eat a desert (no matter how low in calories) at the end of the day, and you’ll have pretty much negated your trimming gains for the day by spiking your insulin levels (right before bed no less – the worst possible time) and thereby putting your body into full on fat storage mode (as opposed to fat burning mode).

Yes, reward yourself – a low carb diet 24/7 would drive me insane. But save your reward for one full cheat day. Blow out big all on one day a week (or two, if you can afford to), guilt free!

Hmmm so so far I’m giving Men’s Health’s tips a 0.5 or maybe 1 out of 4. Stay tuned for more analysis on the remaining 16 points. Can’t wait.

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