The holiday effect

So I’ve been overseas on holiday for a week now. My strict dietry and gym regime has been discarded, but I have managed to keep to a good diet every 2nd day or so. And I’ve been doing home workouts every couple of days – managed to get to the gym for the first time yesterday. And even on my bad diet days, its usually only one meal (dinner) that I eat badly (quite badly some days, it has to be said).

For example, I started the day with 4 eggs, spinach and low carb bread (which I’ll will be writing a future post on – the bread has no grain products and is instead made primarily from coconut and eggs). I had tuna and spinach for lunch, and snacked on almonds, and a couple of whey protein isolate shakes. But this evening I had a couple of slices of pizza.

Keep in mind the part of the pizza guilt tripping me was the bread – that beautiful, doughy, delicious pizza base. Oh yeah, and the cheese which has plenty of lactose in it.

But for second dinner I was back into the chicken and spinach.

So I haven’t been my normal strict self. Give me a break – I’m on holiday.

I should be getting fat. But infact I’ve lost weight – down to 92.5, the lightest I’ve been in quite a while!

But don’t be decieved. I’ll have lost muscle (which weighs more than fat), and replaced some of it with fat. So although my weight is down, I certainly don’t look trimmer. But I’m not too worried – still a long way to go before I’m looking way out of shape. I think…

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