The holiday effect – part 2

So I lost 4kgs while away on holiday for 10 days. On Tuesdays I had been weighing in at 95.2kg, and today I was 91.3kgs. Go figure.

Now I also happen to now I’ve come back considerably leaner as well – i.e. although some of the weight loss is unfortunately muscle, my waist is considerably smaller so I know I’ve lost a bunch of fat as well.

How is that possible?! Have to say, it has me a little puzzled, but I’ll have a stab as to the reasons:

1) I was sick for a couple of days early on. Food consumption dropped considerably for these two days (and I was ultra strict while sick, as insulin spiking hurts ones immune system).

2) My stomach may have shrunk slightly due to this reduction in food take over 2 days.

3) Although after my two day illness my food consumption was never strict apart from one 36 hour period, when I did eat bad food I never went bezerk, and tried to mitigate it by doing some sort of resistance training near in time to the eating of bad food. E.g., I generally only ate bad food one meal a day (dinner) and I would save the worst to days when I had hit the gym that afternoon (which to be honest wasn’t often – I had to make do with home workouts most of the time).

4) I was much more active overall – i.e. I wasn’t sitting in chair all day like I normally do during the week.

5) I did a lot of ad hoc exercises throughout most of the days. I.e. dropping down and doing a couple of sets of pressups, or a set or two of one legged lunges.

So perhaps in fact my metabolism – as it stands – would actually benefit from me not being quite so strict. At least for now perhaps.

So today (Wednesday) I allowed myself a bit of balsmic vinegar on my tuna salad at lunch, and – wait for it – a fruit crumble this evening! With cream of course to help keep it lower on the GI index.

So we’ll see how it goes. I’ve certainly got room to move (in terms of waistline) before I need to worry.

Oh, and the sunshine certainly helped in the confidence stakes – a tan does wonders to making one look leaner, it has to be said.

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