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The holiday effect – part 2

So I lost 4kgs while away on holiday for 10 days. On Tuesdays I had been weighing in at 95.2kg, and today I was 91.3kgs. Go figure. Now I also happen to now I’ve come back considerably leaner as well – i.e. although some of … Continue reading

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I’m back

So I’m on holiday and its turning out to be a pretty hectic one. Gotta turn this silence on the blog around though. I’m in NZ (having come from London where I live) and it has to be said: I … Continue reading

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Sunshine brings out the best and the worst

Why do so many fat people wear clothes one or two sizes too small? Do they think that if they can manage to squeeze their blubbery bodies into an xxl or size 16 instead of the actual xxxxl or size … Continue reading

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